jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Life and time. A small comment about my life and my time.

It´s something I can´t explain, it´s  like being here just waiting for something. Sometimes I feel as if I were doing nothing with my life, and then, I start remembering what I have really done in all my life, and what I have really lived in my life. Not more than 2 or 3 years.

I can´t explain what time is, I just feel I have to change something but I don´t really know what I may change. I just know I must try to do my best, but, What does mean "to do my best"? Who is going to judge me? my friends? my teachers? my parents?or just me?
Nobody can, nobody has the right to judge me, just me! Anyway, I´m ever harder with myself, I´m almost never happy with myself.

Time is something that make me feel I need or I have to do many things before doing many others things, so then, my time is never time enough, and I always feel I need more time, I´m always thinking of what I have to do when I finish what Ï´m doing now.

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